Why are seamless articles MOQ so high?


In recent years, more and more customers are demanding MOQ 500 pants in four or five sizes and 200 bras in four sizes. Can we make seamless underwear at these quantity? Yes, but the price will be very high, and most factories will not accept it. There are several reasons:

1. Seamless garments are SANTONI machine knitted, and according to size requirements, each size requires a different caliber machine to weave. It can’t be the same as the cut and sew styles. As long as there is a fabric inventory, 200 pieces can be cut into four sizes. Seamless knitted fabrics,as machine knits only one size and cannot be cut into other sizes.

2. Each SANTONI machine can complete at least about 400 bras, 300 pants every day and this is just a size. If an order contains 200 pieces of bra and four sizes, that is, a size of 50 pieces, the machine produces 50 pieces in the weaving stage, which may take only 2 hours, and then the machine must stop to make other styles, or the machine only works 2 hours. For factories, this production efficiency is very low, and the machine must be stopped for a short time. It is even worse if it is a special yarns, 200 pieces of bra is not enough for the MOQ of the raw material factory. For commen materials, 200pcs order cannot be used to install yarns on four caliber machines at the same time. After finishing one size, you must remove the yarn and reinstall it on another machine to make other sizes. You must change it four times. . Repeated inefficiencies, waste occurs at the same time. The factory pays the same wages to the workers, but produces only a small amount, and produces a small number of orders, but does more work. In this way, the factory is losing money.

3. Dyeing also has this problem. A small dyeing vat can dye 200 kg. The 200pcs bra can be dyed in one shot, but it can’t be done this way, especially the pants. If different sizes of fabrics tubes are dyed together at the same time, after the fabrics are entangled, they will rotate continuously in the dyeing vat. Therefore, the dyeing must be divided into four times, so the dyeing also has a production efficiency underground, and the dyeing cost is relatively high.

4. All accessories and packaging also have MOQ. 200 pieces often cannot reach the MOQ of accessories suppliers. The purchase cost will be more than 3 times.

In short, the factory is not cost-effective for any order of less than 2000pcs. Even three-time purchases are not cost-effective. Of course, many big customers, the first 800pcs, the repeat order is 20K PCS, factory is willing to invest in this kind of orders. If every order is 1000PCS, most factories are unwilling to do it, at least in China, most factories will not accept it.Personally ,I hope more factories can do smaller quantity ,as we do not want to loose more clients, as all big clients starts from small.Every coin has too sides.

Our MOQ is 2000PCS each style, one color, within 3-5 sizes.

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