TWINALL Quality Management System

TWINALL cares what you care when it comes to the quality. Our quality control system covers supplier quality verification, IQC, in-process inspection, OQC and full inspection on the finished products before delivery.

That means all clothing from our factory stand 5 times of testing before reaching to your shops, warehouse and customers.

By managing quality control expertly, we are making sure that all goods sent are flawless Even if there is any problem occured due to production defect, we take full responsibility and seek any possible solution to handle it.

Standard Operating Process,
Standard Quality

  • Knitting

  • Dyeing

  • Cutting

  • Sewing

  • Ironing

  • Packaging


Each order will not start knitting before confirmation of the pre-production sample. Our preparation includes:

① Check and confirm if the raw materials and threading are correct;

② Carefully measure whether the technical dimensions of the products are correct;

③ Check whether the quality of the cloth is qualified.

During the knitting process, our inspector will examine the status and output quality every 2 hours.


As a process that adds vivid color to your clothing, we adhere to the standardized processes:

① Check and confirm the sample color and dyeing color is consistent;

② Control water temperature and dyeing length as per requested for each batch of clothing;

③ Measure dimensional stability: handfeel, stretch & recovery, and shrinkage.

Complying with client-specific regulations and international standards, we focus on formaldehyde testing, azo colorants testing and more tests to make sure the clothing is qualified in your destination markets.



The cutting process requires precision.

For styles with computer programmed lines, we cut exactly along the lines. No lines should be left;

For styles with no computered lines, the template shall prevail as the guideline for cutting;

For styles that are designed with accessories, workers should check and confirm whether the other pieces are in color consistency with the body piece.


  • Making sure the color of trim is consistent with the color described in the process sheets;
  • Adjusting distance between stitches to be consistent with the sample clothing and process requirements, normally 18~21 stitches in 3cm;
  • The sewing line must be straight and flat, and there should be no bad phenomena such as bending and joint wiring.
  • Label should be positioned right in the middle, aligning the top and bottom of the label.


  • Perform the first inspection of the product to make sure that the actual product matches the description of the production sheets (Any doubt should confirmed and reported immediately);
  • Iron and make sure the product is symmetrical and of correct size as per the process sheet;
  • The left and right collars should be symmetrical, and there is no blistering, wrinkling on the neckline.
  • The length of the left and right sleeves and trousers must be the same, and the size of the cuffs and foot openings must be the same.
several female workers working in the packaging line of TWINALL


The packaging process is not only wrapping the seamless clothing into a bag or a box. The packaging team conducts one more inspection while packaging. If any defect is detected, the unqualified ones will be weeded out and sent back to the last process for further examination.

Critical Quality Indicators

  • checking color in a light box
  • 01

    Color Control

    We use a lightbox and spectrometer to ensure color consistency for each and every production batch.

    By doing so, we test and avoid any color deviation, making sure your bulk goods are in correct color as per your design and requirement.

  • p05-s04-pic2
  • 02

    Chemical Control

    Authorities and consumers across the globe have become quite sensitive in recent years to product safety and health-related issues associated with chemicals and substances used in products sold in their markets.

    Our testing will not stop until the volume of formaldehyde is qualified as per national standards.

  • p05-s04-pic3
  • 03

    Color Fastness Test

    We aim at creating a second skin for all customers, so color fading will definitely lead to annoyances.

    In TWINALL, all clothing should stand the color fastness test. We conduct the test by cutting out a piece of fabric, then we put it in a beaker with 5g washing powder dissolved in warm water at 60 ℃.

  • checking and packaging a piece of seamless clothing
  • 04

    100% Final Inspection From Inside Out

    We have specialized team to take care of the final inspection. Every piece of clothing will be examined under our experts eyes.

    The final inspection include a detailed inspection over:

    • Size
    • Color
    • Ironing
    • Sewing
    • Stitch
    • Holes, thread or dirt.

Our Code of Conduct

Quality is not an empty call in TWINALL. It is in our blood. Besides all inspections and testing, our day to day operation and activities has become part of our quality controling system, making us stand out from our competitors.

Cleaning each working station and table every day.

Organized positioning of all tools and materials

Organized positioning of all tools and materials

Daily preventive maintenance of machines and devices

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