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Custom Seamless Sports Bras
  • Custom Yarns

    Utilizing brands such as COOLMAX, NILIT BREEZE, LEIZING FR, recycled nylon, and other high-quality yarns makes our sports bra usable for long periods.

  • Custom Fabric Functions

    We can customize all our fabrics to be durable and flame-retardant. Our fabrics meet your requirements for flexibility and durability.

  • Custom Printing

    Using the latest in printing techniques, we make bespoke designs that attract customers to your brand. Customizing your message is easy with our innovative printing team.

  • Custom Accessories

    TWINALL has a wide array of promotional goods that help your brand stand out from all the best. Decorated packaging boxes and tags are just a few of what we can offer.

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Our services and manufacturing process turn your design into reality, seamlessly.

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  • Why Choose TWINALL?

  • Know-how in Yarns

    Our 8 years of experience and knowledge in a wide range of yarns create quality seamless clothes. Our team has the knowledge and experience it takes to boost your business with quality seamless clothing.

  • Free Design Review

    Our designers can go through your seamless clothing designs or concept. We provide consultation on any possible improvement to the design, making it achievable and marketable to your target customers.

  • Advanced Equipment

    Twinall utilizes SANTONI weaving units that are imported from Italy. Our sewing and inspection workshop also utilizes innovative machines to produce high-performance seamless clothes.

  • Shorter Lead Time

    By utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we streamline our manufacturing process. Our process enables us to have your order of high-performance seamless clothes delivered with a short lead-time.

  • Why Choose TWINALL?
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Wholesale Seamless Sports Bras

Fit for yoga and gym, our seamless sports bras possess the resilience needed to protect breasts from harm. Our sports bras possess fewer creases and openings so that breast movement is kept at a minimum. These features help retailers and sellers put out a wide array of customizable sports bras that meet market demands.

More than exercise and sports applications, our sports bras are fit for daily uses. Seamless sports bras are more practical to wear when going out. Cycling and marathoning is made easier with our bras as they easily absorb sweat and control temperature.

Reliable Manufacturer At Your Service

Working as a hands-on seamless sports bra manufacturer, TWINALL delivers on efficiency with its quality knitting machines and excellent yarns. We create tough and flexible sports bras that give women the comfort and support they need for their various workouts.

As the market seeks sports bras that can withstand intense conditions, TWINALL meets them head-on with advanced OEM/ODM services. Our customization can accommodate market trends while maintaining our seamless bras’ potent mix of sustainability and elasticity.

You can avail of our free consultation services that offer advice on the market’s trends and how to raise your sales exponentially. We have a faster delivery lead time through our sampling processes being faster than average.

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