Having a design and looking for a manufacturer to bring it to life?

Count on TWINALL.

  • Extensive knowledge of utilizing a diverse range of yarns for seamless garments.
  • Self-owned BSCI certified factory with 10,000 square meters space and 10 production lines.
  • Our team utilizes the latest SANTONI machines to streamline the production of our products.
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Not sure what kind of clothing and styles are popular?

Count on TWINALL.

  • We can provide attractive and functional designs that can fit your business purposes.
  • Our experienced staff can provide useful advice and suggestions to improve your designs.
  • TWINALL offers a one-stop service from A to Z for high-performance seamless clothing.
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How It Works?

#1 Handover Your Design/Brief Your Needs

Simply provide us your design for your custom seamless clothing. Include any requirements such as the clothes’ dimension, material, functions, and other specifications to the design.

Even without providing us your design, our team can help find your needs. Tell us your preferences on the clothes or provide some sketches on how you want your seamless clothes to come out.


#2 Get Quotation and Feedback

Within 12 hours

Upon receiving your design, we review it and provide feedback within 12 hours. Our team will consult you on what yarns, knitting technology, and alterations that can make your concept suitable for manufacturing. You can provide feedback or changes to your design.

When you are satisfied with the final design, we will send you a free quotation immediately to save time.


#3 Wait For Sampling & Revisions

In 5~10 days, For Free.

Our core mission is to provide an accurate sample of your seamless clothes within five to 10 days. Our first sampling phase for yarns qualification and size grading confirmation. The second sampling phase consists of constant alterations for the final sample.

If you have room for improvements for the final sample, we can add other alterations before moving to mass production. Enjoy our free service and lower your starting up cost.


#4 Get Your Custom Goods

In 45~60 days

We proceed to the in-house mass production of your custom goods when you are satisfied with the final sample. TWINALL efficiency in producing your custom goods is based on our advanced knitting machines and annual productivity.

Within 45 to 60 days, we can deliver large volume orders of your custom seamless garments in excellent condition.

Full Customization At Your Service

  • Custom Yarns
  • Custom Functions
  • Custom Size Chart
  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Printing
  • p04-1-s04-pic1-1 Polyester Cationic Dyeable Yarn
  • p04-1-s04-pic1-2 Antibacterial Yarn
  • p04-1-s04-pic1-3 Coolmax All Season

Custom Yarns

From TFDY luminous yarn to MERYL series yarn, TWINALL provides a diverse range of yarns for manufacturing your custom wholesale seamless clothing. We can fulfill nearly any of your customers’ strict requirements on seamless clothing with the different raw material options you can choose from.

Learn More About Yarns
  • p04-1-s04-pic2-1 Moisture Wicking
  • p04-1-s04-pic2-2 Antibacterial
  • p04-1-s04-pic2-3 Quick Dry

Custom Functions

Do you need a garment that protects the wearer from the cold or one that prevents odors to attract specific demographics? Your custom wholesale seamless clothing can come with a wide line of custom functions such as infrared quality that keeps the body warm and one with anti-bacterial properties.

Learn More About Functions

Custom Size Chart

Catering to different target customers require various sized seamless clothing from small to large. Our ODM/OEM services include custom size charts to help you reach out to numerous demographics within the market, allowing you to drive customer referrals to your wholesale or distribution business.

  • p04-1-s04-pic4-1 Sublimation
  • p04-1-s04-pic4-2 Silk Printing
  • p04-1-s04-pic4-3 Digital Print

Custom Printing

You have a full range of options with incorporating your logo, graphic, or messaging to your wholesale seamless clothing. We utilize the latest custom printing techniques such as heat transfer and embossing. Our skillful workers guarantee that we can accurately incorporate your branding into your seamless garments.

Learn More About Printing
  • p04-1-s04-pic5-1 Labels
  • p04-1-s04-pic5-2 Hangtags
  • p04-1-s04-pic5-3 Packaging Boxes

Custom Accessories

TWINALL is your one-stop-shop solution for quality seamless clothing with our wide range of accessories. On-demand, we can provide tags, labels, and packaging accessories along with your garment order. You can save money and shorten your lead-time with our diverse line of accessories.

Learn More About Accessories
TWINALL boasts rich experience in customizing seamless clothing for brands specializing in:
  • Sportswear
  • Security Wear
  • Underwear
  • Gym Wear
  • Yoga Wear
  • Activewear

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