Get Custom Seamless Base Layer For Your Brand

Custom Seamless Base Layer
  • Custom Yarns

    You chose from a diverse range of yarn to create your unique seamless base layers. We utilize COOLMAX, NILIT BREEZE, LEIZING FR, recycled nylon, and other high-quality yarns.

  • Custom Fabric Functions

    We use yarns with coolant, anti-bacterial, and other useful properties to create a seamless base layer that the market demands. Our team can find fabric functions that meet your needs.

  • Custom Printing

    Our qualified designers utilize the latest printing technology to incorporate your logo, graphics and messaging accurately to your seamless base layer. We guarantee attention-grabbing prints to your custom base layer.

  • Custom Accessories

    TWINALL offers a one-stop-shop for nearly all types of accessories among fashion, sports, fitness, and promotional uses. From tags to packaging, we offer a wide range of items to meet your needs.

Start From Your Amazing Design

Our services and manufacturing process turn your design into reality, seamlessly.

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  • Why Choose TWINALL?

  • Know-how in Yarns

    Our 8 years of experience and knowledge in a wide range of yarns create quality seamless clothes. Our team has the knowledge and experience it takes to boost your business with quality seamless clothing.

  • Free Design Review

    Our designers can go through your seamless clothing designs or concept. We provide consultation on any possible improvement to the design, making it achievable and marketable to your target customers.

  • Advanced Equipment

    Twinall utilizes SANTONI weaving units that are imported from Italy. Our sewing and inspection workshop also utilizes innovative machines to produce high-performance seamless clothes.

  • Shorter Lead Time

    By utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we streamline our manufacturing process. Our process enables us to have your order of high-performance seamless clothes delivered with a short lead-time.

  • Why Choose TWINALL?
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Wholesale Seamless Base Layer

Our seamless base layers have several advanced functions that your customers will enjoy such as the lack of any seams that can cause chafing or irritations. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, allowing for better body movement and temperature control during intense activities.

We build our products to the advantage of wholesale distributors, suppliers, bodybuilding brand, and outdoor goods companies. Our seamless base layer has a wide range of applications for different high-end markets such as fitness centers, mountain climbing goods, and cycling gears.  TWINALL also offers a full range of customization options that add many useful features to your seamless base layers such as coolant and anti-bacterial properties. Our ODM/OEM services can help you draw the attention of your target demographics.

Reliable Manufacturer At Your Service

How can TWINALL improve your business metrics? We are a trusted wholesale seamless base layer manufacturer for several years. Our expertise in utilizing various yarns and machinery enables us to produce clothes that your target market demands. TWINALL follows the industry trends to know what different demographics want out of their seamless garments.

To alleviate your doubts about our capabilities, we can send in samples of our work to your business address. Simply cover the fee for the raw materials and we will take care of the rest, including the delivery free. You also receive a warranty cover of up to 60 days. Our fast support-line is available 24/7 with our team responding to your messages within 12 hours.

Custom Seamless Base Layer

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