Seamless Knitting Machines

To aid in providing you with quality seamless garments, TWINALL opts to utilize the best SANTONI circular knitting machinery within the facility. A trusted brand in seamless knitting technology, we have over 120 of their finest high-capacity equipment for efficient and continuous production of clothing. Each machine can carry 8 feeds and have up to 4 points of selection needle on each of feed, allowing for high definition and sharp colors in every output.

A line of SANTONI circular knitting machines in a workshop
  • detail of working knitting machines
  • detail of working knitting machines
  • detail of working knitting machines

Our Sewing Workshop

The sewing workshop is equipped with the world leading sewing machines from Brother.

The high precision sewing machine, along with our teams of well trained sewing workers, makes the sewing process running at the highest speed.

sewing workshop of TWINALL

More Well Equipped Workshops

  • ironing process

    Ironing Workshop

    After knitting, they undergo an ironing process to keep them smooth and wrinkle-free, providing a presentable product to clients.

  • p06-s04-pic2

    QC Workshop

    Garments are tested and checked to maintain the company’s high quality standards before leaving the warehouse.

  • the packaging line of TWINALL

    Packaging Workshop

    Clothes are then packaged depending on packaging requests, and are prepared for safe shipment.

a picture showing TWINLL's suppliers of all kinds of raw materials

Suppliers' Facilities At TWINALL's Disposal

TWINALL has built a close, stable and reliable business relationship with our suppliers, making sure there is trust from both ends. We work hand in hand with each supplier, not only with the materials but also with the equipment. With their high-end specialized machinery and testing devices in addition to ours, we are able to maximize production output. This gives clients the assurance that you get the best and the most reliable seamless apparel in the market.

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