Get Custom Seamless Longsleeve For Your Brand

Custom Seamless Longsleeve
  • Custom Yarns

    With our extensive experience in the industry, we know what yarn to use for your specific demands. Our range of supplier resources helps us create the right yarn for your products.

  • Custom Fabric Functions

    According to customer specifications, we use different fabric types to address the need. From form-fitting tops to superior absorption, we create custom fabric options for your market.

  • Custom Printing

    Inspire your market with customized prints on each seamless longsleeve top. Whether creating an impactful logo or an energizing quote, our team can make create and print them for you.

  • Custom Accessories

    Add eye-catching accessories to boost sales and product recognition, like tags or labels, on each seamless longsleeve top. We create customized accessories to improve how they look and are presented.

Start From Your Amazing Design

Our services and manufacturing process turn your design into reality, seamlessly.

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  • Why Choose TWINALL?

  • Know-how in Yarns

    Our 8 years of experience and knowledge in a wide range of yarns create quality seamless clothes. Our team has the knowledge and experience it takes to boost your business with quality seamless clothing.

  • Free Design Review

    Our designers can go through your seamless clothing designs or concept. We provide consultation on any possible improvement to the design, making it achievable and marketable to your target customers.

  • Advanced Equipment

    Twinall utilizes SANTONI weaving units that are imported from Italy. Our sewing and inspection workshop also utilizes innovative machines to produce high-performance seamless clothes.

  • Shorter Lead Time

    By utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we streamline our manufacturing process. Our process enables us to have your order of high-performance seamless clothes delivered with a short lead-time.

  • Why Choose TWINALL?
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Wholesale Seamless Longsleeve

Our range of wholesale seamless longsleeve tops is able to meet increasing market demands for the garment. Its breathable and sweat-wicking capabilities make it ideal for fitness activities like the gym, yoga, and cycling, as these features keep the body cool during the activities. They also carry the most modern and fashionable designs, keeping them at par with the latest fashion trends. Additionally, its stretchable fabric makes the seamless longsleeve a comfortable fit for various body sizes.

Make these seamless longsleeve tops uniquely yours with our customization options to suit your one-of-a-kind ideas. Combine specific fabric functions and designs to create standout tops for your ideal target market.

Reliable Manufacturer At Your Service

Never will you find a more trusted wholesale seamless longsleeve manufacturer on the market today than TWINALL. Packed with vast experience and expertise in making seamless longsleeve tops, we are able to create innovative clothing solutions for you and your clientele.

As your partner in providing quality seamless longsleeve sportswear, TWINALL has access to a wide range of yarns that fit different conditions and situations. Working in tandem with our powerful SANTONI knitting machines, our design team translates your ideas into tangible works of art. We also utilize specialized machinery from our suppliers to make unique fabrics for your specific demands.

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