Our Ranges of Seamless Activewear

If you are seeking a qualified factory to start your sports brand, TWINALL a line of seamless clothing is able to support behind you.

One Whole Garment Technology,Unlimited Performance & Properties

Using eco-friendly, technologically innovated and functionality proved unique high-performance yarns, TWINALL creates innovative materials that can be reclycled, aiming to bring greater comfort, safety and pleasure in movement during training and competition.

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Flame Retardant

A fireproof property can be applied to ensure that they do not catch fire easily while working out. Helpful for treks into extreme environments, our flame retardant property secures your customers from hazards.

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The reflective properties of our seamless wear help with cycling and nighttime runs through their strips that emit a glow to help your end user’s bodies become more visible in the dark.

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Our seamless wear possesses an anti-heat ventilation system engineered to optimize body temperature during extreme conditions. Cool outfits make intensive workouts a breeze.

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Heat Retaining

Seamless outfits with heat retaining function help to control temperature and enhance circulatory effect on the fabric to warm muscles quickly. Cycling and other strenuous activities are helped with our heat retention feature.

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Moisture Wicking

Our seamless outfits feature superior wicking properties over a large area to remove moisture. Your clients can enjoy greater comfort without feeling any stains or sweat seeping through.

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Precisely fitting the body because of the lack of seams, our seamless activewear from smoothly around any individual shape. Producing fewer lines under clothes ensures a more comfortable exercise routine.

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Quick Dry

Sweat removal is made much easier due to the temperature control that dries up moisture easily. Quick drying is helpful for strenuous activities like cycling and marathoning.

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Super Elastic

Stretched to fit any size, our seamless activewear can help with poses and movements that require much flexibility. Elasticity helps with yoga and gym applications.

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Fit for workouts and intense activities, the antibacterial feature can be added to remove microbes that produce foul odors. This way, your end users can have a refreshing exercise.


Seamless Clothing For Wide Applications


Yoga Clothes

We excel as yoga clothing manufacturers because of our seamless outfits possessing excellent stretching features and sweat absorption. Using seamless clothing helps reduce any tension around the muscles as they fit well around any shape and body. Any pose is possible through the elastic seamless outfits we make.

Our clothing line takes advantage of the well selected yarns we use to make every item. We follow through with your requirements to engineer seamless outfits with excellent clothing performance and properties. Our manufacturing experience helps us meet the needs of your market at all times.


Gym Clothing

As a gym clothing manufacturer, TWINALL provides you with a variety of seamless clothing options, from protective sports bras to temperature-controlling thermal underwear. Seamless shirts and leggings directly help body movement and support any kind of pressure from intense activities.

Choose TWINALL’s line of gym clothing that retailers and sellers can brand as quality products. Selected yarns and fabrics guarantee the quality you are looking for. Our staff have experience with the latest in seamless technology to deliver what you need. We offer top of the line services, from OEM/ODM customizations to free consultation.


Fitness Clothing

In diversifying our clothing line to meet various applications, we make use of seamless technology to produce solutions tailor-fit for a growing health-concerned market. TWINALL optimizes its skills as a custom gym wear manufacturer to deliver durable and flexible outfits with its various xwyarns and automated knitting techniques.

Exceptional fitness clothing can be customized to suit your needs while working towards marketing your brand. Our designers can fit your logo into our clothing line with ease. Exxwperienced consultants help provide you with inputs for free to increase your overall sales and brand loyalty among your customers.


Workout Clothing

Get the best deal out of our wholesale workout clothes as they are made with seamless technology that blends flexibility with protective features. From flame retardance to moisture wicking, our seamless clothes help every workout be more comfortable and odor-free. Maximize convenience with our clothing line that does not tear easily under harsh conditions.

TWINALL provides unique services, such as a fast sampling policy that allows you to view our product and make changes within a short period. We also provide free consultation based from our years of experience.


Cycling Clothing

Selling wholesale cycling clothing to retailers, TWINALL helps you face the challenges of today’s market with our innovative solutions. Providing seamless outfits that support cycling applications, our factory customizes every seamless clothing item to fit any body and shape. Lasting long in the heat or cold, our seamless activewear are able to last long with a guaranteed 60 day warranty.

Our factory is capable of helping you meet the demands of the market through our top of the line services, such as OEM/ODM customization, branding and free consultation. We respond to all your queries within 12 hours.

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