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Custom Seamless Base Layer
  • Custom Yarns

    From COOL MAX to recycled nylon, we offer a wide range of high-performance yarns to create seamless workwear that satisfies most of your customers’ strict requirements.

  • Custom Fabric Functions

    All of our custom seamless workwear can include different useful fabric functions such as anti-bacterial or compressive properties. You can attract specific demographics with our functional seamless clothes.

  • Custom Printing

    We have skillful designers and advance printing machines. TWINALL can accurately incorporate your logo, graphic designs, pattern, and messaging to all of your seamless workwear for branding purposes.

  • Custom Accessories

    Reliable Manufacturer At Your ServiceWe built our reputation as a leading wholesale seamless ski base layer manufacturer from years of serving distributors, wholesalers, and brands from around the world. Our focus on comfort, fully body function, and other useful qualities make seamless clothes fulfill nearly any of your customers’ strict requirements.You can get a competitive edge in the market with our full range of services. Our responsive staff can provide free quotes, product inquiries, and answers to general questions within 12 hours upon receiving your message. As your reliable partner in the business, we provide free consultation on your seamless clothing concept. We also have you covered with our warranty policy for all of our products within 60 days of receipt.

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Our services and manufacturing process turn your design into reality, seamlessly.

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  • Why Choose TWINALL?

  • Know-how in Yarns

    Our 8 years of experience and knowledge in a wide range of yarns create quality seamless clothes. Our team has the knowledge and experience it takes to boost your business with quality seamless clothing.

  • Free Design Review

    Our designers can go through your seamless clothing designs or concept. We provide consultation on any possible improvement to the design, making it achievable and marketable to your target customers.

  • Advanced Equipment

    Twinall utilizes SANTONI weaving units that are imported from Italy. Our sewing and inspection workshop also utilizes innovative machines to produce high-performance seamless clothes.

  • Shorter Lead Time

    By utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we streamline our manufacturing process. Our process enables us to have your order of high-performance seamless clothes delivered with a short lead-time.

  • Why Choose TWINALL?
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Wholesale Seamless Workwear

TWINALL manufacturer functional seamless workwear diverts moisture away from the skin to keep the wearer dry and free from chaffing. We utilize breathable and lightweight fabric to make our garments comfortable to wear, improving the wearer’s productivity while working in demanding environments.

We design our seamless workwear to satisfy the demands of many industries. Our garments cater to workers of microelectronics, semiconductor manufacturing, cable assembly, automotive manufacturers, and other companies.

Our team can also manufacture custom seamless workwear, giving you a competitive edge over other distributors and wholesalers in your target markets. From yarns to accessories, you have several options to create a specific seamless garment to fulfill your business goals.

Reliable Manufacturer At Your Service

We built a solid reputation as one of China’s reliable wholesale seamless workwear manufacturers through our extensive knowledge of knitting various yarns into functional seamless garments. We also have several branded equipment to streamline our production capabilities such as our SANTONI seamless knitting machines.

We provide an extensive range of services to put you ahead of the curve such as creating samples of your seamless workwear fabric. TWINALL also utilizes the latest digital printing, heat transfer, and embroidery techniques to incorporate your logo for driving your brand. TWINALL is a reliable partner to your business with our manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to our advanced machinery and experience in various yarns, we can fulfill large volumes of top-grade seamless workwear with a short lead-time.

Custom Seamless Base Layer

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